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Temporary Hires

ACC Temporary Staffing Solutions is one of the most dedicated temporary recruitment businesses within Canada. Our company has many temporary workers ready to deployment at any one stage and a broad range of end clients and projects.

Generally speaking, a “Temp” is someone who works for an organization on a non-fixed-term basis. The Temp’s performance is managed and reviewed by ACC, whilst the employee's salary is calculated on an hourly rate and paid through Alliance Consulting Canada Temporary Staff payroll.  ACC Temps are entitled to annual leave, sick leave pay, and statutory holidays. No notice is required to terminate temporary employment by either party, although there may be occasional exceptions to this rule. 

Flexibility, professionalism, great skills, and a good work ethic will aid you to stay busy. A great relationship with your consultant and clients are crucial to ensuring a steady stream of temp jobs. Always keep your consultant updated on your availability and any changes to your contact details. We also suggest that you ensure your resume is up  to date at all times.

Are you an experienced Temp or are you simply interested in finding out more about Temping? ACC has the assignments and the experience to understand the fast-paced, urgent nature of temping. We know how to best assist you with acquiring a rewarding career as one of our professional Temps.


As a ACC Temp you will enjoy a dedicated reward and recognition program, personal development, as well as the security that comes from working with a large, established Temporary Staffing Solutions company.


If you are interested in temping, contact us today!

Work Desk


Working together to uncover the requirements for the role.


Uncovering candidates through the large pool available, categorized by specific skills and requirements.


Making sure we complete all testing as per law & orientations to the workplace to ensure smooth transition into the position.

Account Management

Working with all parties ensuring cultivation of relationships, follow-ups, and keeping in mind future skills needed to implement training.

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