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As a division between a direct hire of a permanent employee and temporary employment, the contract to hire process is a great way for companies and candidates to test the waters.


Prospective employees are given the chance to show an organization their skills. This will allow said organization to determine if they are a good cultural fit. Similarly, it allows the company to work with new talent for a pre-determined duration of time without the pressure of having to execute permanent employment decisions.

Many organizations are moving away from direct hires. Likewise, many potential employees are choosing contract positions. A large amount of prospective employees are in search of a certain type of work-life balance that is attainable with contract work. Others are looking to work on specific projects to add to their career prospects and gain vast experience. Additionally, common reason workers choose our contract to hire option is as a means to showcase their abilities. This allows one to earn the potential of being taken and hired on full time.

Recruitment agencies are known for assigning workers to a variety of companies, this entails providing workers with the ability to develop a wide range of skills and gain valuable experience. This process also makes contract work very attractive for recent graduates, who are working to develop their experience and reputation in their selected field(s).


Employers also benefit from contract to hire as they can add to their workforce for specific projects and potentially hire talented contract employees who are a great fit company and role.


At Alliance Consulting Canada, it is a top priority to focus on the details of your requests and requirements, as well as your current and future demands. Not only will we provide services to acquire the best potential individual for the position, but we will also ensure that our staff attends to on-going personal support whilst doing so. 

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